Monday, 14 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 14 - 'Flowers'...and tears!

Good evening readers.

Today I am posting up a picture of my 'Flower' or floral nails. Whilst I love the end result, I was far from dissatisfied with what I saw when I removed the polish (you'll see what I mean in a minute).

First, here is the eye candy:
This is Sinful Colors 'Innocent'. Hmmm.

 To do this, I used the 'Innocent' as a base and sponged on Barry M's Matte White. After two layers of Sally Hansen's Diamonds, I used image plate S5 to stamp on the cherry blossoms. I then went in with my tiniest art brush and painted in the petals and centre with acrylic paint, before adding a few black dots for effect. My back was aching after that!

Just look at the absolute horrors I saw when I removed it...

'Innocent' is not so innocent after all. The staining is horrific. I was bawling about it all over Twitter today and after soaking my nails in lemon juice and using two stain removal tablets (effervescent ones) I still had no joy. I think I'm going to have to take some drastic methods here...baking soda here I come. By the way, thanks for the tweets of advice my dears :)

Aside from the 'stainage' I hope you liked it!



  1. Wow... that must have been one hell of a job (filling in the flowers).

    You did an awesome job... At first I thought it were waterdecals :)

  2. I love the green with that shimmery top coat on it! I am def going to have to try that out the next time I use my SC Innocent <33 **ur newest follower**

  3. The model looks gorgeous. I love it. Too bad about the stained nails :(

  4. Aw, boo to the staining, but that mani is beautiful! :)

  5. Bubble white is the answer :) You can get it in Sally's and get it by the sachet (£2.00) if you dont want to commit to the tub (£11ish) xo

  6. I thought the flowers looked like decals busted back said something different though.

    I've got the bubble white now...expect a before and after post once the challenge is over.


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