Friday, 28 June 2013

Just a bit of glitter and stickers

Today, I thought I'd show you a mani that I have been wearing for about a week. 

This is gel polish, and some Nailtopia nail stickers.

 The stickers are roses and the rest is acrylic paint.

  The lines are done with a very thin detailing brush and the dots? A dotting tool!

Here they are again in a 'negative space' manicure. The polish is gelish this time.

The stickers are thick and raised, so if using them with nail polish or gel polish, you will feel them if you run your finger over them. I suppose that this isn't a bad thing really - the stickers are quite sturdy as a result. I can't really fault them and I have been quietly adding these to my stash since last year...shhhh. It's not just polish that I hoard (muhahahahaaaa!)


Friday, 21 June 2013

Zoya - Pixie dust!!

I'm pretty excited about this manicure - firstly because these are my first EVER Zoya Pixie Dust's and secondly because I took inspiration from one of my favourite nail artists - NailGurlNYC

 Here is Zoya's 'Stevie'.

And this is 'Beatrix.

These beautiful polishes are *from

I used two thin coats of colour on all nails apart from the pinkie - on that one, it was three thin coats and you can see the difference in colour. I didn't bother to gloss this up with a top coat because I prefer it in all of its bumpy glory.

Hope you like them!

*Products sent for my consideration.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

Hey everyone!

Today I have some *Elegant Touch nail wraps to show you.

 I thought I'd try out the 'Black and Chevrons' pack.
Each pack comes with a sheet of nail wraps, an emery board and instructions. The 'accents' are extra stickers that you can put onto your nail wraps to jazz them up.

Initially, I was a little dismayed to see that the wraps were so short. My nails were quite long and I didn't want to cut them, so I thought I'd try to do something with the wraps anyway.

 I'm happy to say that the wraps were of a really good quality. They were very stretchy and I was able to manipulate them to fit the length of my nails, without compromising the strength of the wrap (well done Elegant Touch!). The wraps were very easy to use - they were self-adhesive, so all I had to do was remove them from the plastic sheet and stick them on nails that were first treated with a base coat. Once the wrap was on, I could stretch it into place and file off the excess product.

 Then, I just stuck on the accents! You might notice that the middle finger looks a little strange...the wrap simply wouldn't stretch any further. You may also notice a little bit of fluff near my pinkie - please ignore it, it just wanted it's moment in the limelight.

I'm not sure about how long these wraps would actually last because I took them off after a day. The wrap on my middle fingernail was too short and I could see my nail peeking out from underneath. If you have shorter nails, these would be perfect for you. They are sturdy, they look good and the accents give you the opportunity to be creative without getting nail polish all over you. No need for a top coat either - the wraps are made with 'UV Gel technology' which makes them shiny and resilient.

The wraps should be available, nationwide (UK) at Boots and Superdrug stores.

*Products sent for my consideration

Friday, 14 June 2013

Barry M Blue Grape Gelly

Tonight on the blog I want to show off my latest crush...

Barry M's  'Blue Grape Gelly', how I love thee. This picture doesn't even show how gorgeous it is.

I really had to take this picture under yellow light AND tweak this picture quite a bit to get the colouring right. The blue is very vibrant but is a little darker than shown here.

Honestly, you may just want to go and pic this one up yourselves - it's amazing. I love all of the gelly polishes because of the consistency, the shine and the colour variations but this one is my ultimate favourite.

Have you tried any of the gelly polishes yet? What do you think of them?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Zombie nails!

Recently I asked some of my Instagram followers what sort of nail art themes they would like me to try. One of the themes that popped up was 'Zombie'. I'm not the best at drawing/painting, but I think I'm able to get my ideas across...what do you think? By the way, feel free to click the link and follow me (@ldoesnails)

Zombie nails...macabre, but still fun *insert evil laugh*.

Here's a close-up of the brain nail. There's a bite taken out of it in the top corner, hehehe.

Drippy eyeball nail.

He's supposed to be a zombie, but he looks more like a Scooby Doo ghoul. Meh.

My favourite nail - the dismembered finger and craggy nail!

Erm...Zombie nail.

For the grey base, I used Maybelline Color Show 'Audacious Asphalt' and the rest was all acrylic paint.

I hope you like them :)