About My Nails

My nails are natural. At the moment I do not wear any enhancements but if I break a nail, I am happy to use glue and fibre glass to maintain the length until it's at a comfortable length. Sometimes I go through phases where I like to wear my nails short but if I do want instant length, I have been known to go and get a set of acrylics. I doubt I'll be doing that any time soon though, I'm still growing out the damage from the last set and I hate to see big, thick extensions.

I won't automatically cut my nails if I get one low break - I'd rather save one than chop nine!

I  love long nails (and I know that some people cannot stand them, but I do) but they are not entirely practical for me.  The role in the workplace unfortunately leads to copious amounts of report writing so I spend a large amount of time typing. When my fingers are sliding into the gaps between the keys and I'm typing gobbledegook...it's time for a cut! I also have little children and for their own safety and hygeine reasons, I won't let my nails grow too long.

I have an obsession with using nail brushes and anti-bacterial handwash.  As a direct result of washing my hands a million times a day, I have the driest hands going.  I'm really trying to remedy this, but save from slathering my hands in vaseline and wearing gloves at night (which I cannot bear!) I'm just not having any luck.  If YOU know of anything I could use, please let me know?

I think that's it for now. If there's anything you want to know regarding my nails, ask away.


  1. Hi !
    Very nice to hear about your natural long nails and how you maintain them ;). I'm glad to hear you don't sacrifice 9 long natural nails for 1 MIA nail :) <3. Sad but true my dear real life (work) gets in the way of loooong fingernails but sounds like you keep'em at functional length and shouldn't be longer then your natural nailbed anyway. I've heard some women with nice natural nails rub olive oil on the nails and cuticles to keep them from drying out. Your Blog is wonderful as is your FB page :). Yes I'm a guy but ! I do appreciate and love to see women with long manied / maintained Long fingernails :). Ladies your hard work, time, effort amd money(ies) invested are seldom recognize or appreciate but here's 1 man who says Thank you !

  2. Thank YOU Dave :), your comment is really appreciated!

    It's nice to see that my hobby is recognised and that there is someone else as passionate about long nails as I am! Right now, they are right down to the nub due to my manicure course (I didn't want to scratch anyone or be upset if another person filed my nails too low), but hopefully they'll be back at this length soon enough! ;)


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