Tuesday, 15 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 15 - 'Delicate print'

Hello, hello!

I'm sat here in my pj's about to post today's delicate print nails.

I tell ya, this print is so delicate you can barely see it. I did it on purpose though, lol! Tell me if you can see it:

 Such a nice blue pearl.

I used Stargazer Silver and plate SdP-B08

Only two pictures tonight I'm afraid. I couldn't capture the pattern, that's how delicate it is!



  1. Nice! :) Indeed VERY delicate :)

  2. Very delicate indeed! I really like it though, it's very winter chic :-)

  3. Nice design. And I love that blue!

  4. This is so nice! I would choose white polish to make design more viewable.
    Anyway, well done!

  5. Thanks you ladies!

    @Una. You're a pro, so you know what you are talking about! Thanks for the tip.


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