Saturday, 29 January 2011

I love lilac

Hi friends, how's your weekend going so far?

Just to remind you, there are only a few more days left for you to vote for your good friend, moi, in this competition! 

Today I am wearing Barry M's Berry I/C (I'm thinking that this stands for 'Ice Cream' but they couldn't fit it on the sticker at the bottom of the bottle, lol!).  This manicure took forever; not that it was complicated, but because the stamping patterns I chose were wonky after I'd applied them, or I smudged something etc. I wasted a lot of nail polish remover last night :-(.  Finally happy with the end result, here I am!

The white lines were painted on free-hand, Rimmel's 'Pompous' and BM plate 11 was used for the stamping and China Glaze's 'Flying Dragon' was used for the dots...which were put on with a cocktail stick.


  1. Love your nails wish i could nice nail polishes to be able to do that :) !!

    Lovee xoxo

  2. They look so amazing! and are such a lovely colour!! :) xxx

    also, I'm having a mini giveaway - maybe you'd like to check it out? :) Love Hannah xxx


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