Friday, 16 November 2012

Guest Post: Best of British Nail Tutorial from 'X Factor'

Hi everyone.

This evening my blog will be taken over by Cat and Elize from 'You Love Nails'.

Every weekend these ladies dress the fingernails of both the contestants and judges of 'The X Factor' (UK) and I have to say, they do an amazing job. How happy was I when they approached me and offered to contribute to my little blog?

Tonight here's a tutorial for how to get Ella Henderson's patriotic nails seen last Saturday...

 *Instagram @Catnails

'You Love Nails' created a collection of cute designs for Ella Henderson’s Best of British Nails for last Saturday's  X Factor. One of the favourites was the 'Union Jack' nail which is really easy to recreate at home - follow these simple steps and tag your results to @XFACTORSTYLE on Twitter - we want to see them!!

1. Cut and file the tips with rounded ends.
2. Paint each one with a navy blue, give a couple of coats for sheerer varnishes.
3. Then, paint a red vertical strip down the nail, once this is DRY paint a horizontal stripe across the nail to form a cross shape.
4. Using a gold nail pen outline the cross by painting a fine gold edge.
5. Once dry, paint EVEN FINER strips diagonally from the corners of the nail towards the centre of the cross meeting the outline you made in the previous step.
6. Finally finish with a topcoat to protect your new design <3
Follow Cat and Elize via @YOULOVENAILS and the X Factor style crew via @XFACTORSTYLE on Twitter.


  1. These look gorg! Did you put glitter on top of the gold pen?

  2. I think you are right, Beth - glitter was striped along the gold afterwards.

  3. Those look fab! Might have to give it a go :)


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