Sunday, 18 November 2012

Floral practice with nail art pens

I'm not one for horoscopes and tarot cards. Fortune tellers scare me and I will never have my tea leaves read. I do, however, believe that my own horoscope characteristics are true. I'm a Taurean and amongst a lot of the other traits that we are supposed to have (like enjoying cake), I can be a bit reluctant to change things I'm comfortable with.  Fortunately, I know when I am being belligerent and stubborn - most of the time. I can also embrace change too...

I've always preferred using detailing brushes and have managed to find some that I'm comfortable with. When I was at Olympia Beauty in September, I saw some nail art pens and thought 'Pah, it's not a brush, so I don't like it'. A few weeks later I found some on Ebay and after days of mulling it over, I finally bought some. Here's what I did with them.

These are my FIRST attempt at anything with them. They took some getting used to...

Here they are, my Nail Supreme nail art pens. £20 on Ebay.
I love that you can unscrew them in the middle and organise the colours the way you want to.

The flow took some getting used to. As I squeezed the pens, the varnish would sometimes spit out a big blob, right onto the nail. At other times, the pens flowed too much so I'd get thick lines instead of thin. I suppose it's all about practice though, isn't?

The nib is a lot tinier than other pens that I've used. If you unscrew the black lid, you'll find a normal sized nail polish brush.

I really like them...but I won't give up my detail brushes.

Do you have any of these pens? What do you think of them?

Have a lovely Sunday.



  1. Thanks for the review; I haven't tried pens before but I really want to!

    1. No problem! I'm glad I bought them, but I still have to give it some practice!

  2. i have had a goo dlook at those brand of pens. I have a no name brand at the moment and they are too thick. "the illustrated nail" uses those pens to perfection, you should check it out

    1. I know these are the pens that Sophie uses...she's had years of experience with them though. She's amazing. I, on the other hand, am not. Lol!

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself, I think these still look fab. Personally I find the pens quite hard to use so well done you! X

  4. they look fab!

  5. I don't have this brand but I do own some nail art pens and I love them! Since I do a lot of comic/ characters nail art they're perfect for contours. But they can't replace a good brush :)


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