Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hand-painted lace effect manicure.

Today I have a tutorial for you. 

I was thinking of creating a black lace manicure, but couldn't find any lace that I really liked. That's when I decided to try free handing a lace pattern onto my nails. 


Things you will need:
You will need a base polish. For the life of me, I have no idea what this Barry M polish is called. It's an old one and it is less than half full now. The glitter is number 70 by Catherine Arley. The acrylic paint is non-specific and I actually changed the brush for a thinner one because the lines were just too thick.

 Two coats of base colour and one coat of glitter.

 Create some waves with the black paint.

 Make diagonal lines but don't panic if your lines aren't straight. You can use the wonky lines to prove to people that yes, you did the design YOURSELF!

Add some dots for detail. I actually used a tooth pick because the dotting tools I have are far too big.

Add more detail with the paint brush and when the acrylic is dry, use a top coat.

L-R: '276' with no name and '308-Berry Ice Cream'
I told you that this bottle of polish was old. Look at the worn print - the font size has even changed on the newer bottle.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Have you ever worn a 'lace' manicure? What have you used to recreate the 'lace' effect? Would you like to see more of these types of designs in future?



  1. OMG! Amazing nail art, i want it NOWW :]

  2. HAND-PAINTED? Are you kidding me??! I was sure it was konad until I read the text.. Perfect, amazing job! Sooo neat! :)

  3. omygosh that is amazing! u must have a lot of patience!

  4. @ Velvet - I aim to please. I'm glad you like it, lol!

    @ Ritter - I could've passed it off as Konad? I must be something right then, eh! ;)

    @ Arianne - it didn't take extra long to do; just needed a really steady hand!


  5. Wow... what a job that must have been!

    But very nice! ♥

  6. this is great, very nice small details. Hand painting lace is a pain for me:(

  7. oh! yes! i love lace manicures! very pretty! U've dona great job!

  8. Awesome freehand! It turned out great!

  9. Very nice! I'll have to give it a go. Barry M nail paints are awesome for nail art. I've done a few tutorials for them myself.
    Can't wait to try this.

  10. Wow this is an amazing design, they look so so good!

  11. Amazing nail designs!
    May have to give this a go myself.

    Loved reading your blog. & am now following :)


  12. i am in awe, this is gorgeous!

  13. Hey, I'm glad you all like this. I really appreciate the kind comments. It's also nice to see that new readers are commenting too :)

  14. so pretty, great tutorial it looks so good i thought it was a stamp.

  15. Lovely! New HelloCotton follower here!


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