Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nails Inc Ebor St and stamping

Hi friends.

Remember I said I had a load of Nails Inc polishes that I've never used? Well, I got this one for Christmas last year and thought I'd try it out.
Oh dear. It was like trying to apply milk to your nails; it was so runny and streaky. You can see my middle nail is mess. I thought I'd try to salvage it with some nail art. This is definately not a polish I'd wear on its own again, although the colour itself is nice.

Two layers of the very lovely Nfu-Oh 50

I can't remember which colours I used to stamp, but only the white was a Konad Special polish. The purple and cerise were either Maybelline or Rimmel. I find that the heavy pigmented polishes work just as well as Konad - AND they don't streak if you put on a regular clear polish or topcoat.

This lasted until the end of the day because I didn't like the pinkie nail :-(



  1. What a nice mani rescue! Don't you just hate a polish that applies badly!

  2. Shame the application of the polish was a bit of a nightmare but I love the end result, that stamping is so pretty :-)

  3. Love the stamping and the color combo. where did you get the plates?

  4. I absolutely love it!! the stamoing looks great. Great combination on stamps

  5. Love the butterfly design! :D x

  6. Thanks ladies. I did love the colour as I don't usually wear these shades. Thank goodness for stamping. It covers a multitude of polish sins!

  7. You had me once you brushed on the flaky goodness!


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