Thursday, 10 February 2011

My first attempt at 'one stroke' nail art.

I really wanted to post last night but wow, I had so much trouble using my acrylic paint. Well, not trouble exactly, but I'm no artist and using the paints didn't come naturally.  To get some tips on how to create different effects, I watched this 'one stroke' tutorial and tried to apply the technique to my nails for two evenings straight. Tonight, when I was about to pack it in, I came up with something passable!

 As I was just practicing, I painted directly onto my nails - without a base coat :-0!

 My naked nails are pretty bad at the moment - stained in a major way. But as I never wear french manicures, it's not too much of a problem. I only have this on my left hand so it's coming off in a sec...just thought I'd share it with you.

I'm going to keep working at this technique!!!!

 I forgot to show the brush I used (thanks RM!)

 I bought the 'one stroke' flat brush on the right specifically to use on my nails, but the hair felt a little too long.
I tried to trim it and subsequently ruined it by making the hairs too blunt and thick :-(.  Luckily I managed to find one of my old gel brushes (left) which worked pretty well.

  I think I need to look for a smaller, shorter haired flat brush in future but I reckon you can get such brushes in any crafts or art supply store.


  1. WOW!! this came out beautiful!! I think you got the technique down packed! I ordered acrylic paints the other day i cant wait to try this out! thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness girl you are talented. I love love this look. I so wish I can learn fast. Oh, again what a beautiful mani. Just awesome!! I have to study this video :)

  3. I'm backed just looked at the video. What brush did you use? I'm wanting those paint bottles that she used. You have any idea where to get them? Maybe Michael's.

  4. Thanks ladies. That video makes it looks so effortless and easy - I was pretty frustrated at times but hey. RM, perhaps those paint bottles can be found in an arts and crafts supply store. My favourite over here is HobbyCraft - the same place I bought my paints.

  5. really are on the good way to a better one-stroke painting...That looks super nice! Keep practicing and don`t give up.Good luck ! :*

  6. I love your Blog <33333

  7. I love your Blog <33333

  8. this is adorable. I know you posted this in February but I'm really new to makeup and I'm not too familiar with all the techniques and brushes.

    could you list the brand of brush you would suggest using and maybe a step by step tutorial to get this look ?

    i know its a lot and I don't mind if you can't do it. but i LOVE this look

  9. @Wastedtalent, I will definitely do a tutorial. Don't know when, but I will. Stay tuned!


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