Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's Blog Follow Friday (BFF)!!

For a few weeks now I've been trawling the blogosphere for new nail and beauty blogs to follow. Whilst I'm still a sucker for polish, my interests have been focusing far more on nail art and make-up recently. I will say though, I'm pretty fickle and I swing backwards and forwards all the time!

When new polish collections are released, some fantastic bloggers are so informed and they swatch those colours so well that I don't even need to buy to the polish, lol! I totally enjoy this, but I also like to look for something a little different from time to time.

My blog hunt seems to happen more on a Friday night, so I am henceforth coining Friday as Blog Follow Friday (BFF). By doing this, I've found some great nail art blogs...but I want to see more.

If you have any suggestions for any great nail art or beauty blogs that you think I should be following, please let me know?

Thanks luvs


  1. Polish Parade! I accidentally deleted your comment. You 'shamelessly plugged' your blog...but I've been a follower for a few days now! Lol! Thanks for visiting x

  2. My blog is awesome of course! ;) love your stuff, check mine out too.


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