Monday, 5 March 2012

Leopard water decals and a little stamping too.

Hey friends.

I would love to tell you that today, I am wearing the below, but I'm not.  I did this over a week ago, and totally forgot about it until I found the pictures in my camera.

These are full cover water decals bought on Ebay.  You may notice that the index and ring fingers looks slightly darker - that's because I used two decals on those fingers due to tearing the first ones.

I can't express how much I love water decals that are big enough to cover your entire nail.  They don't take long to apply and because of their size,  I didn't need a base colour - only a base coat. To seal the decal onto the nail and add some shine, I used a top coat too. Simple, yet effective in my opinion.

I admit, I did get a little bored with the design so I tried stamping a design over it from BM plate 201 and wore it for another day.

Have you used water decals before? How did you find them? What about nail foils?


  1. This is really pretty!! I love the colors. A simple way to have a great design! I've never used water decals before.

  2. Wow, those waterdecals are so cool!! Love them!


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