Thursday, 15 August 2013

My new (false) nails

Hi everyone.

Before I carry on with the post, I want you to know that I bought a new camera...but I'm still trying to figure out all of the settings. You may find the next few posts a little fuzzy but please be patient with me!

I haven't been looking after my nails very well recently and as a result, my nails became extra hard and brittle. I've bought various new products and rather than try them out on other people first, I am always use them on myself. Anyway, after battling with a ridiculously curled middle finger nail, I decided to chop them all off and give myself a set of acrylic nails.

First, I started out with short, sad, battered nails:

Then I blended some natural coloured tips after applying them:
I took my eye off the file to tell one of the kids to stop doing whatever it was they were doing and I nicked my thumb!

After? Not too thick. I ended up using white acrylic on the tip and pink for the rest of the enhancement.

I'm happy with them at the moment, but I can't bear to see the underside of the nail when the enhancement starts to grow out. As a result, I'll probably only wear these for a month or so.

I'm off to paint these bad boys because I'm working at V Fest this weekend (YAY!) and need to look half decent.

Have a great weekend folks.



  1. Looking good! I'd probably be wearing acrylics but I'm not confident enough to work on my non-dominant hand.

  2. These are perf!!

    I'm still having a hard time with acrylics...our teacher didn't really spend much time on it :/


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