Monday, 3 January 2011

Adventures into duochrome pt 1- Accessorize Aztec

Hey, hey everybody. Today was a Bank Holiday so no work or school for us! Tomorrow, however, things should be getting back to normal.  I do hope so because I'm waiting for the Postie to bring me goodies.

No art today, just a swatch. I hope this is okay!

Before I started this blog, one of the polishes that people seemed to be talking about a lot was Orly's Space Cadet. I wanted this so badly because I love duochromes but was dubious about spending over a fiver on a bottle of polish, no matter how gorgeous it was *sniff*. I nipped that obsession in the bud and decided only to admire from afar.  Then I nearly fell over when I wandered into Accessorize one day.  They had tiny bottles of polish lined up on the cash desk (I don't know why but they,  as well as Monsoon and Claire's, always have piles of stuff all over the place and I always end up knocking it all over).  I had a quick look and low-and-behold, I found what I believe to be a good duplicate - for £4. Not bad, considering Space Cadet goes for just over £8 depending on where you buy on-line.

From swatches I've seen, I THINK that this colour is much richer than Orly's...but I haven't done a side by side comparison. You tell me. Oh and of course there are loads of pictures. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is Aztec, from Accessorize's Illusions Collection.

Aztec not sure if it wants to be green or purple or grurple...I love it though but it does take at least three coats to cover the bald spots.

I've got another one from this range for you tomorrow and it's even better.

Ni' night all x


  1. I love space cadet!! This one does look richer. It's lovely on you :)

  2. wow i didn't know accessorize has nail polish. they don't sell in turkey. but this one looks more opaque than space cadet. looks good.

  3. @RM, I loved it too but as this one is richer, I'm happy with it.

    @Sakurai, Yes you can also get them in Superdrug over here and on Accessorize's website...quite a nice cosmetics collection on there actually.



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