Thursday, 17 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 17 - 'Glitter'

It's Thursday!

Today is glitter day and I have some abismal photos to show you. It was so dark this morning that I couldn't take any pictures before I left for work. I chucked a bottle of polish and my camera into my handbag and decided to take the pictures on my lunch break.

Oh dear.  I was sculking around the back door, squinting, changing light settings and posing the polish bottle so as not to cover the label with my fingernails, whilst at the same time I was trying to act natural just in case someone caught me acting like a weirdo. With all the jumping and rushing, every photo I took was pants...apart from two.

 I started with Models Own Pro in 'Midnight Blue'  bought in Boots at Brent Cross. The picture does the colour no justice and I will get around to swatching it properly at some point. I then layered a gradient of OPI's 'Absolutely Alice' and Sinful Colors 'Frenzy'. When I had finished, it was so bright, I would have caused a distraction in a very, very serious meeting I had at work, so I tried to dampen the bling (oh, how I hate that word) with some stamping.

I used a blue Konad special polish and BM plate 201.

I'm not so fond of this one, but I was rushing and didn't have time to do it the way I would have liked.



  1. Lovely color. Funny that you say you were trying to act normal -- everytime I go outside to take pictures I"m worried someone's going to see me and think, "wtf is she doing?!" :P

  2. I had someone ask if I was doing drugs when I was trying to take pics one day...I love this combo, gorgeous.

  3. Looks awesome for rushing! Love the "looking like a weirdo" lol

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Amanda, we're going to have to accept that we'll be known as the crazy cat ladies who have a freaky obsession with one hand. Yep. It comes with the territory...but what are ya gonna do eh? Lol!

    Jenna? Drugs? Too funny!!! Thing is, how could you explain what we do, whilst sounding rational? It does work does it? ;)

    Padgett, thank you! I'm glad you could glean something from the pants photos.

    Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot xx


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