Friday, 1 July 2011

Sinful...Dream On

Hey friends.

Hope you've all been well. 

I've had a lot of things going on separate projects going on for me over the past few weeks (looking for nail technician courses, business ideas, trying to get the right hair colour...I'm now a red-head) so whilst I haven't been posting, I have been doing 'nail stuff'.

My nails are getting longer and are actually longer on my right than they are on my left hand. But because I've been neglecting them a little, they are dehydrated and have started to curve inwards at the corners.  To help alleviate that problem, I've rounded them slightly.  And now I don't like them.  Never satisfied, me.

Here's what I did last night and have intentions of wearing into next week.

Here is the polish in order of use:
L-R: Sinful Colors 'Dream On', Gabrini '365', MUA Shade 2 and GOSH 'Holographic'.

A close-up of Gabrini's beautiful holographic glitter:

The plate I used from the most recent Bundle Monster set:
I hope you like it.  I'm off to have a look at my dashboard because I know I've missed out on some good blog posts recently. 



  1. I love this! The swirls are cute and the colors, well, they are my favorite--pink and black! Great job, looks fabulous!

  2. I'm so glad to see a picture of you. You are adorable and I love your hair!!

    Love your mani too. You will be a great nail technican :)

  3. Thank you Ms Prettyful! Yep, I love my pink :-)

    RM, Thank you *blushes* !

  4. I love how whimsical this is. I feel like I'm in a fairytale!

  5. Wow. Absolutely stunning.

  6. Wow too freaking cute!!! i never thought to do something like this to mine:) i love the creativity:). Jealous! haha

  7. Thats such an AWESOME mani!!!! Wow! =]

  8. absolutely incredible sweetie! i love your creations


  9. I love this manicure! Great pattern and colour choices. Thanks for sharing :-)


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