Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bamboozled, I tells ya.

Hello, hello. How's it going friends?

So I wore that last manicure for a few days until it chipped on my right hand.  I really liked the way that one came out and, by the looks of things, a few of you liked it too. Today's manicure, however, might not be as popular...

It's supposed to be a bamboo. Supposed to be.

I call this one 'Bamboo-zled' because both myself and my husband just stared at it for a long while. Perplexed was the feeling, I think. Having said 'mmm' about a million times, we came to the conclusion that this was one fit for only an hour of wear. I went to work with bare nails today, as a result.  My daughter caught sight of me in the shower this morning and was horrified to see that I had no polish on my nails.

L-R in order of application
Barry M 'Matt White', L'Oreal Laqui Resist (I don't know what colour this is, but it looks about 20 years old. I got it from a bargain bin in a beauty products shop for 99p), Sinful Colors 'Mint Apple', China Glaze 'Jolly Holly', a Fraken, Essence 'Copper Rulez' and Seche Vite.

It all started like this (two coats of white, one of the L'Oreal and sponged on Mint Apple.

This is the bamboo image that I used (centre).

Yeah, it's pink. I was just messing around with the online editor.

The butterflies were from:

Nah, don't like it. I had high hopes for this manicure, but what I had envisioned did not translate onto my nails. I tried to make it better with some acrylic paint dots and accenting the butterfly wings, but I don't think I did so well.

Never mind!

On a plus side, my baby stood on her own for about five seconds today. My face still aches from all the smiling I did.



  1. Bamboo or not - I like it! ;)

  2. I quite like this! If not bamboo then maybe butterflies in long grass. It's cute.

    Aww at your little baby standing! My little baby has just learnt to sit up on her own and love just looking at her whilst she does it :)

  3. what a great blog! love the post! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it. :) i'd really appreiciate it. :)

    follow me?

  4. I'm always so impressed with your art work! Love the little butterflies :)

    I tagged you with the Sunshine Award :)


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