Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

Hey everyone!

Today I have some *Elegant Touch nail wraps to show you.

 I thought I'd try out the 'Black and Chevrons' pack.
Each pack comes with a sheet of nail wraps, an emery board and instructions. The 'accents' are extra stickers that you can put onto your nail wraps to jazz them up.

Initially, I was a little dismayed to see that the wraps were so short. My nails were quite long and I didn't want to cut them, so I thought I'd try to do something with the wraps anyway.

 I'm happy to say that the wraps were of a really good quality. They were very stretchy and I was able to manipulate them to fit the length of my nails, without compromising the strength of the wrap (well done Elegant Touch!). The wraps were very easy to use - they were self-adhesive, so all I had to do was remove them from the plastic sheet and stick them on nails that were first treated with a base coat. Once the wrap was on, I could stretch it into place and file off the excess product.

 Then, I just stuck on the accents! You might notice that the middle finger looks a little strange...the wrap simply wouldn't stretch any further. You may also notice a little bit of fluff near my pinkie - please ignore it, it just wanted it's moment in the limelight.

I'm not sure about how long these wraps would actually last because I took them off after a day. The wrap on my middle fingernail was too short and I could see my nail peeking out from underneath. If you have shorter nails, these would be perfect for you. They are sturdy, they look good and the accents give you the opportunity to be creative without getting nail polish all over you. No need for a top coat either - the wraps are made with 'UV Gel technology' which makes them shiny and resilient.

The wraps should be available, nationwide (UK) at Boots and Superdrug stores.

*Products sent for my consideration

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