Sunday, 14 October 2012


There's not often a day where I don't have something nail related on my mind. Unfortunately, I seem to be painting my own nails less often and that's usually because I'm prioritising other things. Right now, I should be folding washed clothes. You'd laugh if you could see how precariously my laptop is currently balanced on a stack of baby vests.

Last night I created these nails. I've been saying that I have intentions of opening an Etsy shop to sell some of the nail sets that I've been making, but I have yet to actually get five minutes to do so. So far, I've been painting them and putting them in a drawer!

Here are my Rhino nails.

 I had some studs and the very gorgeous Black Out by Rimmel (60 Second range), so I just had to play around with them.
 This is only one half of the set. My sets consist of 24 nails - one fish bone for the left hand and one for the right. This way, you will find a nail that fits you, without having to file the sides too much.

These were also going to go into the drawer, but they've already found a home.

I suppose these should be sold with a disclaimer...I don't want to get sued for any soft tissue damage!



  1. They are coming home with meeee!!!!!MMWWWAAAHHHAAAHHAAAHHAAA

    *that was my attempt at an evil genus laugh btw*

  2. These are amazing!
    I love the matte and shiny flat nail too :)


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