Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What I'm wearing now...

Hi everyone (and a big hi to my new readers!)

This is a short post, because quite frankly there isn't much I can say about this manicure.

It's a random blue by Beauty UK (and the label has come off)...and two coats of the very lovely 'Whimsical' by Revlon.

This manicure has drawn a lot of attention, I must say. I'm not quite sure what it is, but the two of these polishes combined just pop. Do you have a favourited combination of colours/polishes?



  1. This looks beautiful on you! When Whimsical first came out, I was in love with it, but then I grew bored of it, and now that I see you wear it, I am in love again! I think I should just go buy it already!

  2. So gorgeous!!! I just love Whimsical and the color you paired it with really does make it pop!

  3. so nice! lovely combo I tried a similar glitter ontop of yellow but yours looks better I have to say!your nails look so awesome in this post.

  4. You have the longest nails in the world! Love this combo, I was wearing something similar a couple of weeks ago but with more of a cornflower blue.
    Mel x

  5. Wow,girl,I love your nails!!!!And this combo is absolute beauty!!!

  6. Looking back at them now, they were PRETTY long actually, lol! I love this mani though.


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