Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Breakage...and mend-age!

Hey friends.

More and more I find it increasingly difficult to blog very regularly, so I thought about using Blogger's ingenius method of blogging on the go. I was looking forward to being able to blog from my car (parked, of course), from my office desk (on my lunchbreak, of course) and whilst out shopping (for nail polish, of course!)
Imagine my sheer frustration when I remembered why I hadn't set this up sooner. It doesn't work.

Now, I don't know if it's me not being able to take simple instruction, but my iPhone will not co-operate. Blogger keeps telling me that my device is not registered and that I need to email them...which I do over and over again, but nothing works.

Can someone tell me what I need to do to make this on-the-go marlarky work? Please?


 So, I broke my nail off when the baby decided to take a lie down in the middle of the street. Yes, she fell down from standing up, stationary. I think she's probably having a growth spurt and she's a little off kilter.  I scooped her up with the one hand before she actually touched the pavement and gave her some kisses, but she looked pretty confused when she was verticle again. My nail was left on the ground and I was left with a decision to make; chop them all or fix the one. Guess what I chose?

This is gel overlay with a plastic tip. Honestly, I'd rather not have any tips on, but hey, the nail needs a little help right now!

Take care all ;)



  1. Sorry to hear about your nail :( Luckily for you, you are AMAZING at gels! It is perfect!

  2. It looks natural. :) Will gel nails stay for a long time?

    1. I already have a gel tip on the other hand and it's still going strong after 6 weeks. I'm pleased!

  3. what type of gel polish are you using for this type of fix? did you use nail glue, then the tip, then gel on top? I have been learning how to use builder gel to make free-form tips but to be honest plastic tips seem just a bit quicker and probably just as strong..oh and well done for saving the day.. shame about the nail casualty but as you show it's easily fixable!! ^_^
    ps have you entered my give-away? everyones welcome!

    1. I used a soak-off builder gel; applied the tip with glue and then put on the gel overlay. Tips are faster but for a seamless look, sculpting is best in my opinion.

  4. oh duh sorry i just noticed that you dont want website links..sorry ..force of habit! soorrrry!

  5. Ooh you did such a lovely job mending it! :D

  6. Replies
    1. I've just downloaded it now...hopefully it works for me! Thanks Sue!

  7. Hi Ash-Lilly in these photos before you finished your gel nail on the side of your nail you had a little white cuticle snag showing on the left side of the nail (I don't know what it's properly called sorry lol) I seem to get those a lot, how did you remove yours? It completely disappeared in the last photo lol!

  8. Hey Mel! I actually used a cuticle nipper tool to cut off that old, dead skin. I also used a bit of cuticle oil to eliminate the dryness. :)


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