Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Foil me once, foil me twice

Hey everyone.

It's been the Queen's Jubilee weekend here in the UK and I've been pretty busy and also a bit under the weather (story of my life really).  I've now got a few manicures backed up, waiting to be posted, but rather than bombard you with them I will space them out.

A few weeks ago I tried my first ever foil manicure. It was a big fail. When I originally put it on, it had looked stunning. I then added a normal topcoat and the foil crinkled up like used Bacofoil. One of my Twitter buddies suggested that I actually use a special foil topcoat and this gave me the excuse to go to eBay and buy things!  I found Jennysellsfoils and ordered a topcoat by Kami from Jenny - the vendor. After I'd paid, I got a long automatic email back from her, giving instructions on how to use foils etc. I replied to the email thanking Jenny for her instructions and mentioned how frustrated I'd been...and she emailed me back again with even more tips. Talk about customer service! The topcoat also reached me the following day, along with a few sample foil strips, so I was pretty chuffed.

Here's the manicure:
'Tropical Sunrise' and the Kami Foil Topcoat.

 I put the foil on over a glitter base colour.

 'Tropical Sunrise'.

I do actually have a tutorial on how to use foils and I'll post it soon.

Have you used foils before? How did you find them?


  1. Love the name. Looks gorgeous on your nails :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I'm a sucker for florals!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous

  4. I've used foils and loved the effect buy like you say as soon as you put a top coat on it spoils the effect. So does the Kami topcoat really work with foils? I'd be willing to buy it if it works.

    1. Jenny told me that a lot of the times the quality of the foil is to blame. The shiny or holographic foils are the ones that cause the most havoc, but I have yet to try them out. I'll come back with a shiny one and let you know how it does :)

  5. Wow, what excellent customer service! they look great too, really pretty and delicate x :-)

  6. wow! they are beautiful and so unique. I cant wait for the tutorial.

  7. Ahhh, i've used holo foils before which is why it probably didn't work, let me know how you get on with the Kami over holo foils x


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