Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sometimes, you just have to leave things alone

I'm really behind with my manicures. I have about four different ones that I've taken photos of but have yet to edit.

I was wearing the very lovely Catherine Arley '805' holographic polish recently:

This was taken by artificial light at night.

The holographic qualities are far more striking in real life but the camera couldn't capture it.

 Later that night, I got the amazing idea to stamp the living daylights out of this polish.  It looked alright before I went to bed, but in the harsh reality of daylight, it was a DOOZIE. It was fine until I put the black and white feather-looking images over the flowers.  Why didn't one of you stop me?!
This is a prime example of over zealous stamping.  Sometimes, you just have to leave things alone.

See? This is my right hand. Perfectly fine and not busy and crazy looking like her counterpart.

Oh well, I'm glad I could share my doozie with you :)

Thanks for reading.



  1. I actually like both of the nail looks.

    The way you stamped your Left hand has a very pretty 3d effect (but then again I am reading this post on my iPhone, so I might be seeing things)

    Regardless, me likely a lot!

  2. Well, If Epiff likes it, then I'm happy :)

  3. this is really pretty, dont worry I always take it to far lol

  4. I agree, I think both look great!

    I'm also bad to keep going, and keep going, only to realize woops, I went too far. Oh well. :D

    It's only nail polish, right?

    1. Well, thanks Laynie. I don't mind the fails though, they make the successes feel even better, lol.

  5. ¡QuĆ© color tan original! Me encanta la estampaciĆ³n que le has puesto.

  6. I was slacking off this weekend or I could have warned you, lol!! I prefer the right hand too. That holo is amazing!!!

  7. MariJo, you had me crying with laughter over here... Yup, this holo is a stunner!


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