Thursday, 9 February 2012

MUA - shade 9 and Sinful Colors

Recently I've been re-evaluating my beauty routine. You may not be aware of this, but I really do like make-up.  I go into stores, stare at displays and generally feel overwhelmed when I go anywhere near a MAC counter. I'm just no good at it all. I try to pick lipsticks - but end up buying the same or similar shades all the time. I love eyeshadow and have a few palettes, but I don't wear shadow unless I go 'out'. I tend not to wear anything other than foundation (if my skin starts reverting to it's teenage days), mascara and a bit of blusher if the mood takes me. This year, I have decided to start playing with make up a little more.

Whilst a very pretty YouTube Vlogger was in the process of her 'how-to-define-your-eyebrows' tutorial the other day, rather than concentrating on which brow powder to put where, I was staring at her nails. She was wearing a shiny blue polish which looked quite familiar to me and I was sure I had the same one. I went to the Helmer and plucked out this beauty!

 This is MUA's 'Shade 9'. The label was hanging off so I just got rid of it. Hurrah, another flat brush to make application quick and easy. The consistency was smooth but it was more like a jelly than a cream. It was opaque in two coats.

 This beautiful blue was found at Superdrug and was part of MUA's low priced, high quality range. This cost £1 - right up my alley. If you read my blog regularly, you will also be aware that I use MUA's black shade when I'm stamping. This week MUA also released the Love Heart Collection - pastel polishes and lip glosses. When I pick some up, I'll review them.

After a day of wear, I wanted add a little something extra to my nails, but as I was going to college in a few days, I didn't want to do anything elaborate. So of course, I grabbed some glitter!

 Ah, Sinful Colors 'Hottie' - a blue jelly base with opal/holographic glitter particles.

This would have been perfect to stamp over, but I had no time...or no energy. I'll try to do something a little more exciting next time.

Before I go, is there anything else that you would like to see here on this blog?
Are you interested in more than just what the ends of my fingers look like?
Would you welcome some other 'beauty' posts or would you prefer that I stick to manicures and polish only? I know that it is up to me as to what I want to add to my blog, but your thoughts would still be appreciated :)

Take care all.




  1. Ohhh!! I love your mani! I am going to have to stop by the store and pick up that Sinful!! As for your question, I love your manicures! Other beauty posts would be nice too, I am totally like you. I don't really wear make-up except to go out! And then I cake on the eye liner, mascara, eyeshadow and lip gloss.. and that is it! :D

  2. @Elements - thank you *smooches*. Yeah, I'm in danger of looking like a badly drawn drag queen when I'm out on the town. I need more assistance from YouTube methinks!

  3. Pretty mani!! I love the shade of blue. I see why you couldn't stop looking at it in the video, lol.
    I'm happy with the nail posts. I don't wear makeup. Nail polish is my makeup ;0).

  4. I love make up!!! I don't own a lot, just what I need :) I had a problem with my brows and tried to 'fix' them with powder and other stuff. What worked for me was letting them grow and then going to get them threaded. Yup, I have perfect brows now and only paid $8. I hope you try it and it works :)

  5. I absolutely adore the Sinful colors polish? Is it a new one? I love and use makeup alot but nailpolish is funner! =]]

  6. Love this colour!

    Can you tell me what topcoat you use? My nails seem to chip too quickly :(

  7. loads to read.. lovely blog... so simple and clean...your newest follower from bloggers:) ilike skin care


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