Saturday, 4 February 2012

Come hither...NPW at MissyC - Swatch and review

Hello lovelies.

I have a pretty pink for you tonight.

A few days ago, I was perusing Twitter (as you do) and I came across a company called Missy C. At the time, they were offering a nice discount to beauty bloggers. I had a look at the site and happily, I was able to find some polish.  I picked up two colours - Come Hither and Crack the Whip, a nice jelly red.  There were another two colours available, but these were the ones that caught my eye. Armed with my blogger discount, I hit the checkout button and two days later, my lovely post lady planted the package in my hands.

I had intended to swatch both polishes but that red was a beast to photograph. By the time I got around to it, there was no natural light left and as the cat is still living in my light box, I was stuck.  I just want to go slightly off topic here. What IS IT with beauty bloggers and cats? I swear that about 70% if not more of the bloggers I follow have cats. I got mine before I even knew or cared what a blog was, so it's not like I read about someones cat and thought 'yeah, I need to get me one of those.' So anyway, she's still living in my light box because she was annoyed that my hubby hovered her pillow recently. So annoyed in fact that she has now abandoned it entirely and taken to sleeping anywhere she is not supposed to. I've even woken up to find her sprawled out on my legs at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night. Yeah, the cheek of it. She was purring away and then took one look at my face. I didn't see her for dust after that. We don't DO cats on beds in my house.

'Come Hither' - three coats and still there is a visible nail line. I'm not actually bothered by this - I actually quite like it.  The bottle is cute and I was pleased to see that it had one of those long flat brushes with a rounded tip. Yay for those. No issues with drying time, odour or application; the formula is perfect and you could get full coverage with two liberal coats. I always do three, it feels more comfortable to me.

This picture was taken after an extensive hair washing, hand washing and dish washing session. The polish held up pretty well.  When we have some natural light, I'll swatch the other colour.

Whilst having a look at the site I came across some tote bags that you can personalise in a glittery font. I really wanted to buy one, but for the life of me, I couldn't think of something nail related that I could put on a bag. We all know that I love nail polish, but you wouldn't catch me dead with a bag that blatantly told the rest of the universe about my little obsession! 'I <3 nail polish' is not really my thing, I prefer subtle innuendos! Maybe someone can think of something I could to put on a bag and I might go back and order one.

By the way, if you are reading this Missy C, please let us know when you intend to get more polish in. Four colours will not be enough for us lacquerists/ristas!

Take care all.



  1. i thought of something that would be a visible understanding yet really subtle for a title for your tote bag 'color coordinator' just for thoughts. you can find me on fb

  2. That's a gorgeous colour and the bottle is so cute!

    My offering for your bag is "Nailed It!" - you can read this in several ways depending on your mindset ;D

  3. That is a great color and such a pretty bottle!! And speaking of cats.. I have one too :D

  4. This is such a beautiful pink!! I love it!


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