Monday, 6 February 2012

Nails Inc 'Kabaret' and OPI's 'All About Alice'

This is a simple one tonight. I swapping comments with Frank (one of my Facebook buddies), who had taken some gorgeous pictures of OPI's 'All About Alice'.  I had mentioned that this gorgeous thick blue and silver glitter polish looked great over a dark colour and he asked me if I had any pictures. I didn't then, but I do now...

 Nails Inc's 'Kaberet' and OPI's 'All About Alice'.

I dabbed the glitter on from the cuticle upwards. I left the bit at the top glitter-free, just because.

There's a little bit of tip-wear there.

So, here you go. I'm off to go and plaster some glitter on my nails now.



  1. Thank you can't go wrong with a bit of glitter!

  2. Very pretty looks like a start of galaxy nails :)

  3. Such a gorgeous mani Liane!! Love the combo!

  4. Different and extremely gorgeous!!

  5. Your right this looks beautiful!

  6. What a nice combintaion! Love the blue glitters!

  7. Me gusta mucho. Es sencilla pero muy bonita.


  8. I really like this mani. All About Alice really pops on that dark base. I love how the glitter seems to fade toward the tip.


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