Thursday, 2 February 2012

Maybelline 'Khaki Green'

I am pretty impressed with myself. I've been wearing this polish for about three days now - I never do that.

As much as I haven't found any Maybelline colours that really strike me, I do like this one.  I picked up 'Khaki Green' a little while ago when there was a deal on at Boots.

One thing I like about the Express Finish range is that they do dry very quickly. You can't really go wrong with them and the wide, flat brush also makes application a breeze.

You know me. I have to adulterate polish, I can't just leave it alone and let it bask in its own glory. The first dots were made with a large dotting tool and black acrylic paint; the gold was dotted in with a tooth pick.

This is a simple enough design but I've actually enjoyed wearing it. I needed a design to give my nails that extra something now that they are so short.  Hopefully you've enjoyed my little instalment and have had a good week.



  1. I like the colour, but the type of the polish not so much.

  2. Love the art you did on this. Maybelline hasn't done any particularly interesting colors here recently--maybe they'll release this one here someday.

  3. This is beautiful!! Simple, but still different and pretty! I love it ;0).

  4. Preciosa manicura. Sencilla pero muy llamativa.

  5. Very cute! The black and silver detail works so well with the green :)

  6. I absolutely love this!
    It's so beautiful. the green looks really good on you, love!

  7. Thank you ladies.

    Yes, Maybelline is a little boring (sorry!) but this one wasn't too bad in the bottle. Better on the nail I think. I still prefer jelly bases's a shame I don't own many!

  8. Very pretty green. We haven't seen anything new from Maybelline in awhile now.

  9. This polish shade is very pretty, so subtle but special, I love it. The dots make it more special :) I love your nails, they look great even when they are short!

  10. I really really love the pattern and colour combo:] Very pretty!


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