Friday, 20 January 2012

My second attempt at a 'one-stroke' manicure...

Hello friends old and new.

Today I finally tried to use some of the numerous nail art brushes that are languishing in the bottom draw of my Helmer.  I did this very quickly (trying to grab the last of the natural light after the school run) but alas, my photos are somewhat lacking.  My home-made light box has now been hi-jacked by my cat and I don't have the heart to evict her. So, until I can get to a craft store to buy some sheets of plastic to make another, I'll just have to settle for sticking my hand out of the garden door in the freezing weather to take pictures.

My nails are getting shorter by the week - these women on my manicure course are devils with emery boards. If I file these bad boys right down, those sadists won't have anything to play with.  One woman was trying to slice off dry skin around my cuticles with a cuticle knife. Seriously. I don't HAVE anything to cut and I just know she was trying to slice me up, just so that she could practise with that knife. Next week we go on to pedicures. BARF.

 A mini bottle of China Glaze's 'Urban-Night' from the Metro Collection (2011), such a beautiful purple cream.

Ha! This was the jumper dress I was wearing today...perfect match.

One-stroke 'technique' with red and white acrylic paint.  Also some extremely lazy dotting...with a striping brush. For shame.

It's not perfect yet, so until I get it completely right, I won't post a tutorial. No point in showing you how to do something the wrong way, is there?

I hope you likey!



  1. I don't likey, I lovey, lol!! This looks so pretty. And that is a beautiful purple indeed.

    What's up with the lady trying to slice you up? Do I need to come over there? Heehee

  2. Eyyyy! Glad you lovely, lol! Listen, that woman got the knife in her hand and started salivating. I had to get into ninja mode for her. Hmm.

  3. I love it, tell her to lay of the knife, or your the person with a nail crush on you will hop on a trans-atlantic flight and personally kick her but! LOL

  4. I think you did it very well! I also want to try once! it looks really pretty!

  5. This is so gorgeous! I've been wanting to do one stroke nail art. The colors you used go so well together! Love! :)

  6. Beautiful! Practice makes perfect, but these are already amazing! I might have to give this a shot. I remember trying it (not on nails) when the kits first came out (QVC, lol). Gorgeous mani!

  7. @ETD, I'll tell her! She doesn't know that I've got a bag of GFC mates keeping an eye on me, lol!

    @Nailderella, thanks. The YouTube tutorials I've seen made it look easy.

    @Liz, thank you x

    @Chroma, you are so right. Don't knock QVC - they have their fingers on that pulse, lol!


  8. You're going to have to teach those students the proper way to do things. Lol!

    Lovely, You did a great job as always. The one stoke is on my list of things to try :)

  9. OK two things off the bat;

    1. You sometimes refer to your work as shoddy & I'm like I WISH I could pull off your manicures!!!!!!!!! You are WAY better than you realise!!!!!!!

    2. I am LOVING the purples! OMG, I really wish you were around to help me out. My nail situation is really dire :(


  10. Pretty! I have tried those flowers and they come out looking like pancakes! I haven't given up yet... Yours are beautiful :)

  11. i consider this a great job, love it :-D


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