Tuesday, 22 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 22 - 'Nails inspired by a song'

Good evening my dears.

Tonight's challenge installment is inspired by a song...Follow the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of Oz. I know. Of all the songs in the world, why that one? Because my husband chose it and the fact that he's interested in the challenge really makes me smile.

Beauty UK's 'Yellow Peril' with stamping from the S5 plate.

I was trying to find a plate with a brickwork image on it but I didn't have one...but I bet 'The Kween of Konad', Sarahlouise has a few in her stash though! I had to settle for something that looked like dry, cracked earth.

Stamping was uber sloppy for a number of reasons...carelessness being the main one.

See ya to-marrah!



  1. Love it! I'm struggling to think of something for this challenge :/ just done my half moons for tomorrow so I'm nearly there...

  2. This is my number one yellow polish!- and I've gone through a lot of yellow polishes! - I love the - 'Kween of Konad'..Am I that bad /Hides my collection lol.. I'm sure I have a few brick plates..ill have to have a good old search..But I can only think of one arm - and that's on XL A - 5th image on the top of the plate x


    Ps hope your well

  3. P.s frigin love this manicure!- what did you use to stamp the image with?


  4. Aww @ Helly. Don't worry, I'm really struggling too. I can't believe how time has flown though. We'll get through it together, lol!

    @Sarahlouise, it was plate H22 (not s5) and I mixed a yellow and red stamping polish (no name polishes from eBay) And nope, your stash is fantastic!


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