Friday, 21 October 2011

Catherine Arley HOLO swatch

Hey, hey!

Recently I managed to acquire several Catherine Arley Holographic polishes. I ordered them aaages ago, but they were all out of stock due to other bloggers swooping and clearing out stock. Yep, some of you guys made me wait!  Not to worry, I have them now and I'm HAPPY.

This is 677

Glorious, right? I can't express how much I love nail polish that sparkles, shatters, changes, shimmers, and mattifies. I have a few more of these pretties languishing in my Helmer so, I'll be back with those at some point.

Take care and thank you for reading.


  1. wow! I've never tried any CA...but they look so great *v*

  2. Ladies, tell me about it!! And they are pretty well priced too. You should try to get some :)

  3. I loooove the color and holo effect :)

  4. I know...what a fantastic concept - holographic polish *sigh*

  5. lovely!!! this is the arley holo i yearn for most. But wwhere did you get it? It ais a Turklish brand, I live in turkey but cannot find it anywhere :(

    maybe i ll order it internationally

  6. @kaderkismet, check out the post 'Where do you get your nail art supplies' - the link to the retailer is there. I think it's Belgium... :)

  7. could not find it :( could you link it please?
    by the way, belgium ha!! wow, a long way, but I will achieve =)

  8. Here you go luvvy!
    I'm doing this with my phone (from work), so I can't make it clickable! ;)


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