Saturday, 22 October 2011

Miracle Growth experiment....

Friends, I've trimmed my nails because I was getting tired of having to patch up tears with every change of polish.  I've bashed and bent my nails so much of late, even after a trim a few weeks back; I'm looking at damage on practically every nail :(

So, in a bid to grow my nails out again, I've been looking for a growth accelerator.  I bought this...

Hmm. '59% Longer nails!' in two weeks apparently.  Let's not worry about the 9%  - 50% is good enough for me.

My nails tend to grow about 2.5-3mm every two weeks. I know this because I used to get my acrylics filled in twice a month and usually had this amount of growth. So if I use this, by two weeks I should have between 3.75-4.5mm of growth? Really?!! This may not seem like a lot, but it makes a big difference if you have a painful break that you want to get rid of!

Moisturising and massaging can stimulate nail growth and so can drumming your fingers every so often
but I want to see if any of these growth solutions give you visibly faster growth. So, for the next two weeks I will apply one drop of this clear, non-greasy serum which has the consistency of a gel, to each cuticle. The package doesn't specify how many times a day it should be used, so I'll do it before bed and one other time during the day. After massaging the serum in, I'll moisturise my nails in the normal way (with any old cream I can lay my hands on).
In two weeks time, I'll make a post about my progress...

Here are the starting pictures:
I've measured from cuticle to tip because it wouldn't be so accurate measuring the free edge.

Wish me luck eh? I hope that it DOES work - this bottle cost about £10!!



  1. GL!! I wish my nails looked like yours do now. I can't wait to see the end results!

  2. Good luck to U with this growing experiment! I'm in a process with a stimulator by KISS too :)

  3. Your short nails are my long nails. They're really pretty, though.

  4. Hmmm. Just over a week in and I'm beginning to think I've been taken for a ride :( I'll keep going though!


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