Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bye-bye Summer :(

Happy Saturday friends.

As I type I lament the change in weather.  Seriously, last week it was roasting and I was slathering the kids in sunblock. Today, I'm typing s-l-o-w-l-y because my fingers are stiff from the cold. No, I'm not outside. I'm in my front room.

This manicure was done when it was hot - you can tell from the sunshine in the earlier photos. I was trying to capture the beginning of Autumn and the end of summer...

This is a mini bottle from Beauty UK. I couldn't find a name or number the bottle.

It's got lovely little golden particles in it.

I sponged on some Sally Hansen's Golden Cinnabar (which is more like a golden/bronze) and put on some Sunflower water decals by Viva la nails.

Sunflowers in Autumn.

I went and broke a nail on my right hand!!

 I fixed it with a nail tip and acrylic powder/liquid. I don't know how long it will last because I didn't use a primer (to remove the natural oils from my nail surface and adhere the acrylic to my nail properly). I'll have to do it properly though, I can't be bothered with putting a new false nail every so often!

What colours are you going to be wearing this Autumn/Winter? Do you go for season-specific colours or wear neons in the middle of November? :)



  1. looks so pretty I love the golden shimmer cinnabar gave it and the sunflowers are just lovely.

  2. Thank you Beaux's Mom :) I love the cinnabar too and have yet to try it on it's own 0_o!

  3. Love it, you are so good with doing your nails! Very inspiring :)

  4. @Bailey - Thank you, so are you with your baking Lady! x

  5. Thanks very much, I'm glad you like it!:)


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