Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I'm NUDE!! Yes, ME!

Hello friends (and a big hello to my new subscribers, thank you for reading)

Those of you who read my posts will know that I love glitter, sparkle and block colours. Today I'm nude. Yep, typing in the nude...with only a few stickers to cover my modesty.


I generally tend not to go for beige or nude colours because I like a bit of impact. This is Nails Inc's 'Balmoral' one of four in a limited edition set called 'The Royal Collection'. I believe this was released in honour of the wedding of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton; my husband bought it for my birthday in May. The colour is accurate in the above picture.

L-R: Sandringham, Balmoral, Westminster Abbey and Windsor.

What I did was:
1. Paint my nails with the base colour
2. Used a layer of random gold glitter
3. Sponged on the Westminster Abbey on different parts of the nail
4. Put a few stripes on with a random gold polish
5. Stuck some 3D nail stickers on and slathered on some Seche Vite. Simples.

Please don't mind the dry hands, I've been washing up without gloves for the majority of my teen and adult life. My hands look 10 years older than my age and my face looks 10 years younger...on a really good day...with low lighting...and loads of concealer.

Here's an unashamedly dry and sharpened picture.

Nice and easy for those of you who are short of time.  Take care friends.



  1. soooo cute! i love it! it is so modest and yet elegant:)

  2. You are so creative. You made that nude color look sophisticated. Looks lovely on you :)

  3. wow this looks fantastic...why do i avoid nude Colors? lol

    loving it

    Hope your well sweetie!

    /Mega hugs

  4. I'm glad you all like it. I need to make up for the clanger I dropped with the bamboo!

  5. this looks really pretty!
    I'm a new follower! you blog is interesting!!

  6. Hey Nailderella, thanks for subbing. I've just subbed you too. Thanks for the love :-)

  7. This is beautiful. I'm not a great fan of nudes either but I love this manicure.


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