Monday, 11 July 2011

Naked nails

Hi friends. How's it going?

I thought I'd give you an update on my naked natural nails. I'm happy to say that the stains that were on the nail bed on my left ring finger are now grown out. I still have the stain on the free edge but that can be covered up with a french manicure...haven't done one of those for months!

With a base coat of Sally Hansen's 'Hard as Wraps' - there's a photo in this post. This is stuff is great because although it's a polish, it's thick and it acts like layer of gel. By far my favourite basecoat.

 Posing doesn't come naturally to my right hand.

So before these nails start to break I need to get cracking with a french manicure at some point.

Take care folks!



  1. Amazing nails :jawdrop:

    I've never had them so long in my life, few millimeters and they start to break like hell :(

    Sooooo jealous and I love them :)

  2. Nic, get yourself a good nail hardener...or use the Sally Hansen, it might help!

    @Loodie, you can talk, yours are gorge!

  3. wow! Your so lucky! My nails don't grow fast and break easily. (Sad face) any tips?

  4. Hannah, I'm not a healthy eater, don't take vits, don't drink enough water. My only saviour is a good basecoat and occasional use of Duri Rejuvacote. I've had my bottle for a year and it's nearly half full. When you put your hand/nail moisturiser on, give your cuticles a brisk rub to get the circulation going. Do this at least twice a day and it may stimulate growth...g'luck! PS, I have a manicure post in the pipeline!

  5. I like the SH hard as nails wrap, too! You have beautiful natural nails-mine split and layer so easily I do better if I keep them coated with polish lol!

  6. Wow, your nails look awesome!

  7. your nails look incredible sweetie!


  8. ahhhh i'm so jealous. my nails never want to grow too long. After they've reached a point they decide they want to break on me :(

    I've been looking for a new base coat. I'll check your's out and see if it helps my "naked nails" lmao


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