Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm back...with nubbins :-(

Hi Friends!! 

I'm back from my holiday and very happy to see that I have so many new readers. I had a lovely time but unfortunately, I'm suffering from jet lag. Hopefully a lie-in tomorrow morning might sort me out before work next week.

Whilst I was away, my nails suffered a thrashing. Heaving luggage up and down, rushing with zippers, getting those tiny padlock keys of the metal rings; they tore my nails to shreds. On the last few days before I came home, I removed my polish and cut my nails. I picked off the fibre glass strips I had on some nails *shock horror* and this was what I was left with.

My right hand is worse due to the nails breaking unevenly and my nail beds experiencing trauma. Not to worry, this will give me the opportunity to pay attention to my nail growth for a while.
 Filed down with one layer of clear polish. I've been growing out that stain on my ring finger for ages :-(

After polish removal with no filing. The middle finger is so bad.

Every so often I'll make updates about my growth progress. For now though, I'm going to have to live with these nubs and try to make them look pretty. Ugh.



  1. Girl you by no means have nubs, haha. If your nails are beyond the end of your finger you don't qualify for a nub title :) But regardless if they're shorter than you like them you can celebrate the fact your cuticles still look healthy! Hope your enjoyed your trip!

  2. Lol! Thanks Whitney :-)
    Yes, they are shorter than I generally like, but they won't take long to get to a decent length...and now I can touch type at the speed of light!

  3. yay, welcome home, hope you had a nice relaxing time? Brought some sunshine back with you too!! Those are no nubs....and I have cuticle envy! x

  4. Ouch! The middle finger looks painful! Hope they'll heal up quickly. Glad to have you back. :)

  5. Oh, thanks ladies. It's nice to be back (kinda, lol) and yes, Adele, I brought the sun back in me hand luggage...along with some rum.

    Ulmiel, that middle finger broke even further down today! It broke off but was attached to skin :'-(

  6. ...wheres my rum lol!

    Its great to have you back hunny!


  7. Lol Sarahlou! Missed you ladies!


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