Monday, 21 March 2011

The Tiger and the stump (nail rescue and nail art!)

Hi Friends and welcome to my new readers :-)

I'd hoped to have a little something for you tonight (or rather, this morning because it's 01:15), but right now, I still have to jump in the shower, iron my travelling outfit and get a couple of hours of sleep. I'm setting out again at flight isn't until 12:00!!! If I hadn't spent so long gluing rhinestones, smudging polish and having to re-glue all over again, I might have been able to put up some pics! 

I have seen all the nice comments that you have left on the entries to my giveaway and on my recent posts. I shall try to do some more tutorials and easy to follow nail art. If I get a chance, I'll upload them when I'm lounging on a beach, drinking cocktails and baking myself....LOL!!

Okay, so I felt guilty. I couldn't come in here and not post what I've done tonight! No editing or watermarking on these so please excuse the colours of the pics, backgrounds etc.

I've been walking around like a maniac since Thursday. I tore off my nail trying to get out of the car park at work I have really dry hands. They look terrible.

 I couldn't walk around like that so I had to stick on a tip.

 Use some fibre-glass...

 From a strip like this^^

 Put it, sticky side down, on the nail,

 Use resin and activator to bond the fibreglass to the nail (I didn't picture them because I'm not trained to use fibreglass for extensions. I do it at my own peril and don't want you to follow me!)

 This is after the resin has dried. Repeat the strip and resin step again.

 Buff to finish.

Now for the nail art!!!

 Sponge on some white (whilst ignoring the heavy staining on the nails. Ehem)

 Paint on some orange strips (two coats)

Paint on strips with a striping brush
Use gold polish for the outlines

Glue on rhinestones and you're done!

I'm sorry for rushing, but I didn't want to leave without posting.

Talk to you soon



  1. This is an awesome mani! Thanks so much for the step-by-step.

  2. It looks GREAT!!! (Tony the tiger voice) thanks for posting before you leave have a good vacation!

  3. love this mani!...have a great holiday hunny- you deserve it!


  4. Yea, its so great, that everything is possible to fix...
    Before my hobby in nail art, i used to have unluck before some parties.. it was shame to go with one short nail ;D cool, that now girls can have solution like this :)
    Lucky day for everyone!

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog!! Such a cute design!

  6. I love the mani you did!

  7. *waves* Thanks ladies. That mani lasted until I got on the plane!! By the time I reached Jamaica I had about two rhinestones left!

  8. wow!!!! love the tutorial!! great nail design!!


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