Saturday, 26 February 2011

Half moons and roses...

 My Friday fingers...

The other day I was over at Nail Art Express and I saw this gorgeous design:

If you haven't already seen Ying's blog, I suggest you take a look.  She has some serious talent. So much so,  I had to ask her if I could try the design out for myself. 

I tried to replicate the design:

 I used Beauty UK's Glam Nails in Soft Grey.  Three coats made it opaque and I didn't have to wait long; this polish dried very quickly. 

 My acrylic paints come in handy.

I put dots of paint next to each other and swirled them around until they looked like flowers; I'm still learning how to make them look less like blobs! My half moons aren't great either, but I did them free-hand because I didn't have any french manicure guides.

I hope you likey :-)

Oh, and I had a great time at the circus yesterday, but my phone has no flash and my pictures came out too dark.  My hubby has some nice ones so I'll try to steal them and put them up at some point.



  1. You did a fantastic job as always. I want to try this swirly flower look. How did you do the leaves?

  2. Love it! It looks awesome like this with the print on all the fingers, and with a lighter grey so that the flowers stand out more. :)

  3. lovely as always! xxx i love it!


  4. Thank you friends!

    @RM, I literally just did a green swipe in a leaf shape and put in a little line of yellow - tis all!

    @nailart... I tried :-)

  5. what you mean? They are perfect! Love the design!


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