Monday, 15 November 2010

My nails today - November

Okay, I know I've posted a lot of pictures tonight but I'm hoping you enjoy them as much as me *blush*.  The weather was a bit better today and I had to take advantage of the natural light and take some photos.

Before I toddle off to bed, here are some pictures of my nails after I soaked off the few patches I had on them.  I clipped a couple of millimetres off a few of them, filed them and then soaked them for five minutes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which I had warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds).  For some reason, I didn't cut my right hand...don't ask me why, because I don't know.

This is them with one layer of Sally Hansen's Hard As Wraps nail formula.  It's in a blue glass bottle and is of a very thick consistency.  Sorry, no photo of that one. You've probably had enough now anyway, lol!

If you compare these to my first posts on this blog, you'll see a huge difference. Only minimal damage left on the nail beds of both thumbs and the free edges. Yay!

Nitey, nite!


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