Monday, 15 November 2010

Rimmel - Apricot Punch...It smells like apricots!!

 The weather was quite bright today so I thought I'd wear this. I found it last week and there was a big 'NEW' sticker on the stand...which leads me to believe that it was recently released. Did you read the lid?  Yup, it does EXACTLY what it claims to do.  Cheap and cheerful, and only two coats applied.

  My fingers smelled like apricots for several hours after application! Off topic here - can you see the back of my flat in the reflection of my nails?

You may notice that my nails are a little shorter than they were in the Nubar post - I thought I'd soak off the patches I had and file them down a bit. They don't get in the way half as much now!

 I used two coats of Nubar 2010 on the ring fingernail.

These pics don't show the opal too well. I tried to capture the green and orange.  Fail!
I liked this.  I can't remember how many more colours there are in the 'Fruities' range, but I might pick up a few more at some point.

Do you like this colour?  How do you feel about wearing bright colours in the colder months? Do you follow what is on trend for the season or go with how you feel?

Be back in a bit with the last of the pics I'm posting tonight!


  1. I like this colour but don't think it would suit my skin tone, looks great on you though. I'm not big on bright colours, having dark skin I prefer darker shades however I have ventured into the brighter shades, but only in the summer admittedly. I'm not one to follow trends so mostly go with what I think suits me. Loving the sound of this fragranced perfume as my son and partner always moan about the smell of polish!

  2. Thanks Lorraine. I tend to shy away from bright colours myself, yet I end up buying them :-S.
    Sometimes what looks awful in the bottle might look quite nice never know!

  3. I haven't seen any new rimmels in awhile. Where did you get it? Corals looks great on you. I just ordered 2010.

  4. Thanks rm. I found it in Superdrug (UK). When I heard about the 2010, I had to snap it up because I missed out on GOSH Rainbow, Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure and I can't find a UK stockist for Nfu-Oh 51! I was even thinking of frankening a 51 dupe but I'm not so savvy yet. You seem to be though...:-)

  5. I love this color and Its deff a plus that it smell good. I never even seen or heard of Rimmel doing scented polishes. Thanks for showing this lovely polish and it is goingon my wish list AKA Hunt down list lol..

  6. That's no prob. I hope you find it and let me know if you do. There are at least four of them in the range!


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