Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nude glitter stamping... and what I'm listening to right now.

Hello friends, how are you tonight? 

I'm sat here listening to British recording artist called Daley and editing my pictures. Doesn't sound like much? Well, simple things please me. Like turning the television off and putting some music on the iPhone. Or listening to a CD. Yeah, a real CD. Or even finding an old cassette tape (hands up if you still have one of THOSE!)  Anyway, I'm going to pop the YouTube video of this guy at the bottom of my post so you can enjoy the evening with me.

Right, nail time!

 Here is The Face Shop's Number BR802 with Peripera's P040 (glitter) and leaves from plate BM208. I did this last night.

Don't you hate it when you do your best to stamp a nice, clear image...only for your cruddy top coat brush to drag and streak it?

I have a few tips for you when you are stamping (if you don't already do these things).
1. To minimise streaking, put a put a dollop of polish on the brush and float it down over your nail. DON'T LET THE BRUSH TOUCH YOUR NAIL.

2. To make it easy to remove a messy image without ruining your base polish, make sure you use a top coat on your base colour BEFORE stamping over it.

3. Have a cotton bud and cotton wipe readily soaked in acetone or polish remover to clean your stamper or remove part of an image you don't want, before putting it on the nail.  You can also use a small brush dipped in solution to do this.

These tips are in hindsight...had I thought about it before, the manicure would have been tidier.

You could also change this design by turning it into a french manicure. Start with clear base nail bed, and use the colour, glitter and stamping on the tips. For effect, you cour outline the 'smile line' with some...

...metal balls (if you want too see this old manicure, click here)

By the way, one of you lovely ladies made me think today. 
Do you want to see more tutorials (step-by-step pictures) when I do stamping, or are you happy for me to just tell you what I did? A lot of you ladies are pretty proficient in your stamping already, but what about you readers who don't have blogs or are new to nail art stamping?

Have a listen to Daley and let me know in the comments box.



  1. I love the manicure! Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna try not putting my brush on my nail, I hope that it will fix my streaking problem :)

  2. Really want to see how U do ur stamping "routine" cause I'm so suck in it LOL~
    TFS beige color looks totally adorable on ur nails, love it!

  3. Pretty mani!! Tutorials would be good to see. It's always good to learn something new.

    Btw, nice song ;0)

  4. Kirschten, if you do it quickly I might help. Don't worry about mess-you can tidy up the cuticles later :)

    Anastacia, I'll try to do a beginning to end stamping post at some point then. Thanks for your comments :)

  5. This is such a gorgeous mani. I'm jealous of the length of your nails. I'm down to nubs :( And yes I want to see tutorials :)

  6. MariJo, thank you! And yes, this song is on rotation for me right now!

  7. RM, no way! Never mind, your nails are beautiful at any length x

  8. Whoa, you have the coolest nails! :D

  9. Pretty! Almost looks like the stamp is floating!

  10. Thank you ladies x

    If you stamp over a clear coat over a glitter, you'll get that floating effect. :)

  11. Hmmmmm I've never looked good at my BM plates, because I've never seen this design before!?

    I ♥ it though! Very feminine and cute!

  12. Hi - I'd love to know how to stamp & also where I can get the stuff. I feel as though I'd have to buy loads of bits but I'd only have a design every once in a while so am a bit pit off, any advice? Also does the regular polish changing negatively affect your nails?


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