Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sinful staining and Bubble White

Hey all.

This post is to reveal how absolutely terrible my nails were looking a few weeks ago after day 14 of the 31 day manicure challenge .  They are currently stained beyond recognition because of the very evil 'Innocent' by Sinful Colors.

Please look at the horrors that lurk beneath the lacquer:


Oh my goodness. The sheer horror. And this was after only a few hours of wear AND I wore a base coat.  My thumb and index finger were patched in places, hence the way they look.

Two of my lovely Tweeties (whom I can't link to now because Blogger is telling me that I don't follow any bloggers, yet I follow at least 100 if not more) Marina and MariJo, suggested ways to get rid of the traces of eviiiil.
One of these ways was this:

Bubble White, effervescent powder that bubbles and removes stains when added to warm water and used to soak stained nails. It cost £1.99 from Sally's and was enough for one use.  This stuff smells like menthol and claims to cleanse your nails of stains in 5 minutes; I soaked my nails for 15.

This is what they looked like before:

I THINK I can see a subtle difference on my pinkie. They still look awful naked now though.

Since these pictures, I've buffed them very lightly (I never buff my nails!) and there has been a slight improvement. I still can't pull off a french manicure for now.

Have YOU found any fool proof ways of ridding yourself of stains? Any tips to give me or any other readers?

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  1. Soak your nails in lemon juice, it gets rid of stains pretty well

  2. Stains are so frustrating. I just try to ignore them since I haven't found anything that really works well for me to get rid of them.

  3. Bec, it didn't work for me. The 'before' picture was taken after soaking my nails in lemon juice, using baking soda AND whitening toothpaste.

  4. Karen, I make you right. It's not going to do anything other than stop me from wearing a french manicure...but it still looks grim :(

  5. That is a nightmare, I hate when my nails get stained. Do share if you find the answer xx

  6. wow!!! I have suh problems with my clay based acrylic paint, but I found that 2 layers of base coat helps a lot!

  7. Try this at home recipe: 1 Tbs peroxide 2.2 Tbs baking soda Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes.

  8. This is only for the strong of heart but a bit of bleach based creamy bathroom cleaner works well. A product like Soft Scrub for example. I tend to ignore stains but when they are tinted green or blue I grab this and apply a little to each nail for about 2 minutes. I wash off and the stains are gone. Remember to moisturize really, really well after.

  9. I've heard from the trick with lemonjuice and the one with the bakingpowder too... Never tried it, but maybe you can try it... Good luck!


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