Friday, 21 January 2011

15 minute mani. I'm sponging...again.

Evening everyone, I hope you are all well.

I just wanted to show you what I'm wearing on my nails today. I was pretty busy with a load of stuff  (life) so when I got the opportunity this afternoon, I spent 15 minutes doing this manicure. Seriously, that's all it took - from application to drying.
 I sponged  Nails Inc 'Clarges Street' on to my nails after applying a clear base coat.

 Next, I stamped on the image found on BM stamping plate 11.

 Here it is, with a flash.  Hope you like it.



  1. It doesn't look like a 15 minutes manicure =) Looks awesome!

  2. Nice mani hunny - i might try this for valentines day. The sponging is perfect <3


  3. @Amy - Thanks lady. Sponging is so quick and by the time you finish the second finger, the first is dry. Finished with a fast-drying topper? Easy peasy!

    @SaraLou - Thank ya ;-)

  4. Love it!! it's beautiful. I wish my mani took me 15 min. to do. Maybe if I quite reading and looking at blogs I can do it. Lol!

  5. Check plus on that girl! Very nice :)

  6. Newbie here! This mani is GORGEOUS! What kind of sponge do you find best? I tried sponging twice, once with a makeup type sponge then tried a cheap eyeshadow applicator, neither turned out that good (I really like how u managed to get a v sparse bit in the middle!) Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi, your blog is fab, your nails are gorgeous! Keep up the good work! X

  7. Omg this is so gorg! And I love the stamp. :)

  8. Thank you ladies
    @Adele - I've used old sponge rollers, but my favourite is a kitchen sponge. It's more textured than make-up sponge and I think it gives a better effect. Hope this helps...oh, and welcome :-)

  9. come on, 15 minutes, seriously?
    It's gorgeous, truly unique :)

  10. It's beautiful! LOVE IT!


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