Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Maybe she's born with it?

Hey everyone. A special big 'Hey' to my new subscribers; it makes me so happy to see someone new expressing an interest in my nail painting hobby.

Today my previous manicure chipped beyond repair so I decided to go with something bright.  As pink is one of my favourite colours I decided on the Maybelline Express Finish Lacquer in Fuchsia and a layer of the Express Finish Diamonds in Cosmic Flash (which I'm pretty taken by).  I took these pictures tonight with a lamp so some of the colours aren't accurate.  I was more interested in showing what I'm wearing than just swatching for a true likeness. I might come back tomorrow with a daylight shot though...

Hope you enjoy looking!

 Umm, yeah...this one isn't really a true representation, lol!

I really like these bottles.  It's not a good enough reason to want to go and buy polish though, is it?!