Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wonder Grass Franken

Hey all, how's it going?

Tonight I have a swatch of a beautiful polish that only two people in this entire world (I think) are privvy to. Yes, it's a franken by Anastacia! I saw this on her Facebook page a little while ago and I left a comment telling her how much I liked it. So she sent it me...with a load of other polishes. Not for a swap; she just wanted to!

This is 'Wonder Grass' - a green jelly with green and gold glitter particles.

Eh. Don't worry about the clear polish right up there in the cuticles.

Have you ever created a franken? What are your methods? Do you mix old polishes together or use pigments or glitters? 



  1. This looks lovely!!! It really looks like grass, but in a pretty way.

    I've made one franken so far by mixing polishes. I plan to try it again.

  2. Yup, only U and me have this polish :) I'm so glad U like it :)) It looks so pretty on ur nails!

  3. @MariJo, I'm looking forward to seeing your frankens. I really have to try doing one last attempts weren't great in consistency.

    @Ana, thanks again, it was really kind of you to send me this gift :)

  4. Ohh this is an AMAZING color! I don't think I am brave enough to try Frankens :D

  5. OMG!..What a beautiful green color..I love it..^_^..

  6. Wow, what a beauty! You're definitely going to need the foil method when removing this mani. ;) I have tried frankening once but the pigments settled. It hasn't stopped me from wanting to try again, though.

  7. Great polish, it's gorgeous! I've just started frankening polishes. Only made a top coat though. LOL

  8. Beautiful!
    I tagged you in a post :-)

  9. Lovely! I have never even thought about creating my own Franken so thanks for the idea. I have A LOT of polishes and some I'm not "in love" with so might use those :)

  10. Lovely polish and it looks nice on you :)

  11. Thank you ladies. I've been inspired to try frankening again...I'll let you know how it goes :)


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