Monday, 24 October 2011

17 Magnetized polish

Hey Friends!

Today I have an amazing polish to show you.  The idea of magnetic nail polish is not a new one; I know Essence and several other brands made polishes like this for some time, but a lot of them weren't actually available in the UK. Nails Inc recently came out a few colours, but this one was much cheaper.

This little gem from 17 came out some weeks ago. I found out about it on Twitter and was hunting for it for days after it was actually released, but to no avail.  Imagine my glee (yes, glee) when I found a stand full of these beauties on Thursday.

This is the blue.
So pretty. I really cannot fault it at all.

The formula is quite thick and the brush is flat and wide - this makes it easier to apply the polish in one stroke. I only used one layer.

How to apply:
  2. Apply a generous coat of the Magnetized polish
  3. Take the magnet on the removable bottle cap and HOVER it over the wet nail polish for a few seconds.
  4. When the pattern has taken effect, remove the magnet, let the polish dry and marvel at your piece of art work!
The magnet.

I have another one of these for you in my next post.  If you like this polish, it's available at Boots (on-line and in store) and costs £4.99.

Oh, by the way, I picked these up myself and used my Advantage card to pay for them...



  1. Thats really pretty. I love all the magnetized polishes, but I'm always afraid I'm gonna be the klutz who doesn't do them right x) lol

  2. I've been seeing these at Sephora and never realized that's how they work. Super cool!

  3. I ordered some magnetic polishes too and can't wait to try them coz on ur nails it looks amazing!!

  4. Muito lindo!
    Legal por que o imã já fica na tampinha!

    Beijos ...


  5. @ Elaine - Eu sei! Algumas empresas vendem o ima separadamente! Eu estou Traduz Google para escrever isso...Espero que isso faz sentido :)


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