Monday, 12 March 2012

OPI's 'I don't give a Rotterdam'

Hi everyone (and a big 'hi' to my new readers)

Tonight I have a swatch of a OPI's 'I don't give a Rotterdam' for you. Now that I'm a student again, for the millionth time *insert cheesy grin here*, I am now able to shop at trade stores. My bottle of OPI was under £6 and I was pretty happy with my purchase.

This is not the greatest picture (I'm so sorry), but the silver shimmer particles in this polish are so subtle and beautiful.This took three thin coats before it became sheer and I wasn't best pleased. This may sound silly and wasteful, but I always apply three coats unless I'm working with a polish amazing enough to be sheer in just one. Call it a mild obsession if you will. The fact that I HAD to apply three necessary coats as opposed to two and then one indulgent third coat, annoyed me.

Excuse the tip wear (and dodgier photo) - this was after two days of wear. It had only JUST occurred to me to take a picture before removing it.

Have a good week.

P.S. You can find OPI nail polish at Kmart with these coupons!



  1. Replies
    1. It's a nice polish, but the ropey pictures don't do it any justice, lol!

  2. Ur nails are much-much longer now! They growing so fast!

    1. I know...I think it might be that serum Ana. I started using it again and all of a sudden, they've started looking a bit longer.

  3. I swatched this a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved the subtle silver shimmer!

    1. It definitely is a beaut. I'm off to have a look at yours :)

  4. Lovely swatch! Amazing colour.
    What do you mean about shopping at trade stores? Can any student do that? And what are they?
    Sorry for the million questions, just excited about the prospect of £6 OPIs!

  5. Becca, if you're a beauty/cosmetology student or you're in the profession, you can shop with suppliers like The items there are not as expensive as retailers but you'll need to prove that you are a student or pro before you can get a trade card (something you can sign up for at the counter before paying for your items). I hope I haven't disappointed you, lol!


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