Monday, 20 February 2012

Okay...I'm about to tell you about my Glossy Box.

Today, I'm blogging out of my comfort zone for three reasons:

1. I'm using the PC (I usually use my little netbook)
2. I took photographs with my iPhone because I have this random black blur coming up in the lens of my camera. I couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures to my computer (I never do it!), so I had to email them from one account to another!!
3. I'm blogging about my Glossy Box and not nail art! Some of you may be bored by this post, but there is more to me than nails and you'll get to see a few pictures of me...sort of.

Those of you who do not live in the UK may not know about the Glossy Box - if you do, please feel free to skip to the pictures and reviews of the products I received. If this is a new concept for you, read on...

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription which sees you receiving a delivery of five surprise, 'luxury' beauty items through the post. I say surprise because the items change each month and there is no guarantee that you will get the same as another subscriber - contents will vary. These items can be make-up, creams, nail polish and generally anything that will allow you to feel a little pampered. You pay £10 a month but can cancel the subscription at any time, with the click of a button. Shipping in the UK is £2.95.

This box is now my second. I got one last month and it was 'okay'. I had seen a lot of people saying how pleased they had been with their boxes and there were lots of people complaining too. I was late in subscribing, so I was in a bit of a panic, prior to getting my first box - luckily, I got things that I will actually used.

On to the contents:

DuWop 'Venom gloss' (5ml sample size) and BM Beauty 'Pure Mineral Eyeshadow', (1g sample size).

The disclaimer on the little info sheet in the box says 'Please note the Lip Venom may cause a light tingling sensation upon application'. LIGHT TINGLING?!?!!? I think not!

 I put this baby on and thought it looked pretty cute. Then the fire and brimstone sensation kicked in. I think this is supposed to be one of those plumping glosses that makes your lips swell so you can have a pretty pout. My lips are full enough thanks, and even if they weren't, that BURNING sensation is not something I'd be willing to put up with. £16 for a full sized tube (10.4ml)? Not worth the money in my opinion. The colour WAS nice though.

I haven't worn this eyeshadow yet, but it looks like a nice enough colour. It was quite light to swatch and brushed off easily. I'm not sure if this is a good thing when it comes to an eyeshadow. £7 for a 2g pot...

Paul Mitchell 'Round Trip' - a liquid curl definer (25ml sample size):
Now this one was pretty exciting for me. I have very curly Afro hair and I usually use a gel to define my curls.

Here are a few of my squashed curlies after a night of wild sleeping with children climbing all over me.

Here it is wet and after applying the curl definer.

Stretched out: My hair has the capacity to shrink up to half of its length when allowed to dry in its curly state.

End result...well, the picture turned into hieroglyphics with all of the sending back and forth via email :(
I actually liked this product. I went on like a serum but bubbled a little. I went on slick, wasn't greasy and had a light, fresh fragrance. When my hair dried, it didn't have too much of a hard, crunchy feel like gel usually does. It didn't give my curls any 'hang', but that's alright. I would buy this for the full price of £12.95 (200ml bottle).

Dr Bonner Magic Liquid Soap (Full size bottle 59ml costing £1.99):
Not what I would consider a luxury item at all. It was strange. It pours like a thin liquid but lathers into suds in your hands. When washed off, it feels like you've used a bar of soap to shower with. That strange dried out feeling...not really my thing.

Como Shambhala 'Invigorate Body Lotion' (50ml sample bottle):
I love this! It's a light moisturiser which has essential oils eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and peppermint. You wouldn't want to put this on your face or on any sensitive skin, because it might tingle. Keep well away from those nether regions...

After some consideration, I am in two minds about my Glossy Box this month. It was okay, but I wasn't wowed by the contents. I'm going to wait for another month and if the next box I receive is rubbish, I'll just cancel the subscription. There was a little note in the box suggesting that I should expect the unexpected after 24th February...I'll let you know if something exciting happens!

Don't worry, I'll be back to regular programming tomorrow.


  1. Hi Ash-Lilly!
    I'm from Finland and I haven't heard of the Glossy Box and found it to be a very interesting consept..
    PS: I so enjoy your nail art posts also! Keep up the good work ;)

  2. I had that burning feeling with the Soap and Glory plumping gloss, it's horrible! I don't know how people can stand it!

    I had the feelunique box which they've now discontinued, but I'm not sure about subscribing to a new box. It's a bit disappointing to have go that 'magic soap', especially when that's the full price :/
    Great review thanks!

  3. Hey @Wupper!It IS a great concept, but the fact that you don't always get the best of the best is a bone of contention for some. At least you can always cacncel whenever you want to and without any problem. Thanks for reading :)

  4. @Youlittlebeauty, that burning sensation is a deal breaker for me. I don't mind a menthol tingle, but that gloss made me feel as if my mouth was on fire. Maybe it's just that we have sensitive lips?! Glad you liked the review :)


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