Monday, 9 May 2011

Additions to the family

Hey friends

I had lots of comments about my blog when I ran my giveaway recently. I specifically asked for some feedback because I knew that there were lots of you that would read, but not comment.  The comments I got were interesting. Some were quite helpful; things that I'd never thought of, or hadn't got around to yet. Others? Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not going to be parading my Outfit of the Day anytime soon...although I do have some fabulous ones *pops collar* .

Someone did say I should show my hauls...but I don't like flaunting my frivolous spending (it offends my inner frugalist). Instead, I shall speak of my 'additions'.  Oh, and here they are!

 So, I've just poured these out of their box and realised that they don't have individual names.

 Barry M's Nail Effects 315, 314

 MUA's Black and BM Plates 2nd edition

 And my favourites, sent to me by Shadow (because she is just too lovely!)
L-R Mint Apple, Green Ocean, San Franciso

 L-R Hottie, Frenzy, Daddy's Girl

L-R Dream On, What's Your Name

Oh, and I bought some Seche Vite too! I have to re-arrange my Helmer at some point. Once I have, I'll post my stash.



  1. Nice "additions"! I love daddy's girl!! I wish Whats your name was more like it but its sooo black. I wish it was like the blue version of daddys girl.

  2. I know what you mean. Still love it though Daddy's girl is my favourite of the two.

  3. I enjoy haul, they help me find out whats out there and gives me idea on what I want. ^_^
    -Love the Sinful Colors addition!! San Franciso looks amazing in the bottle (:

  4. No, you're right Forever. I get my ideas from haul posts too. I just don't like to admit to my own spending, lol!

  5. Lovely additions. I'm sure they all will have a spectacular home. :)

  6. awww thank you! I love haul post! I like to see what other people get because I know what to look forward to seeing on their blogs like swatches and if I like it I will probably add it to my wishlist. I would love to see your stash. I just got a helmer so ill be posting mine soon. Im glad your enjoying the sinfuls :)

  7. Loving everything from your new haul! :D


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