Saturday, 28 January 2012

Max Factor's Fantasy Fire - Swatch

Today, I have a swatch for you.

I was having an email conversation with RM the other day and she mentioned a Max Factor polish that seems to be a big hit at the moment. As it happens, I have been walking past this polish for a good while, simply because of the size of the bottle and how much it actually cost. Yes, I'm frugal.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I picked up a bottle just so I could see what the hype was. There have been times when a polish has been 'all the rage' and I've looked at it and thought 'why ?!' Remember Revlon's 'Perplexed'? Yeah...I didn't see what was so special about it.

 This is 'Fantasy Fire'.

Now, I have a few things to say about this one. The pro's are that it's gorgeous and has small shimmer particles in it and you could also put this in the category of a duo-chrome. It's an eye-catcher alright. I was wearing this last week and I got quite a few comments at work. The most amazing fact is that it is available at Superdrug and Boots in the UK...but not in the US apparently. It's usually us over here who miss out on the good stuff.

The con's? Oh my goodness. This is four, yes FOUR coats of polish. If you don't like the visible nail line (VNL), you might want to layer this over another colour with a better coverage. Because the polish is so thin and the bottle is so tiny, you may not get many wears out of this one I'm afraid. To top it off, this polish costs £3.99. Given the brand, you would expect to pay a little more, but they could have made the bottle just a little bigger.

As much as I don't want to like it (simply because I feel cheated by the size of the bottle), it IS a cutey. Imagine putting a matte polish on top...or even slapping a coat of glitter in between two layers of this beauty.

There are actually quite a few of these tiny polishes available in various colours, but I haven't had a good look at all of them. Maybe I will and maybe I'll come back with some swatches. Maybe.

Take care.



  1. Oh I just bought this! Looks like a new bloggers fave. I'll have to layer up a colour underneath when I try it maybe then. Does look very pretty!

  2. The trick to bringing out the true beauty of this polish, as with Clarins 230 (which this is a supposed dupe of) is to layer it over a much darker polish - purples, blues and black are preferred. :) Try it and you'll see what all the hype is about! If for some reason, you still don't like it - I'd be happy to arrange some sort of swap for some US lovelies ;)

  3. Yes, we in the US are yearning for this one with a passion( me included) LOL! Looks gorgeous on your nails..

  4. The word of EFFECT telling me that this nail polish should be just a layer on top of another polish. I have a lot of effect polishes which I like to apply on top of any dark colors and they give amazing undertone and sometimes change the whole color of nail polish :)
    But U did a great job! it looks so nice and opaque on ur nails! Love the golden shimmer :)

  5. I have found Max Factor is good for water marbling, but my only polish I have from that brand is from IDK when. It looks like maybe late 90's or 2000-2006 at the latest. But do the styles change for each brand in different countries? I have the luxury of waiting until my birthday when I'll have money or going shopping with my friend to get it, if it comes out before Valentine's across the pond. URGHH I want it so bad because it would look SOO good gradient with my Sinful Colors It's __something__ __something__

  6. Oh, my! It looks fantastic!

  7. Hey all. This IS a beautiful polish, most definitely. It's a similar base colour to Nfu-Oh 51 - minus the opal flakes. I'm wearing it now over a black and I think I actually prefer it on it's own! I'll update with a picture later.

  8. Hey girly MF looks great! Thanks for the swatch :)


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