Wednesday, 2 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 2 - Orange

Day 2 of the manicure challenge is orange and I have a lovely one for you...also a beast to photograph!

Studio M's Lovin' it.

This picture isn't a good one either because it doesn't show the miniscule blue/pearl particles in it. It's quite a cold colour actually and not one of the best that I've ever worn. But I've go so many untrieds and unloved, so I need to do my best to use them.  There is one good thing with this polish though; it dries really fast.

This old picture was taken in a lightbox photo in January and it shows the shimmer a little more here:

Day 3 is yellow...



  1. I'll bet it was a huge beast to photograph. I need to try some of Studio M's neons... I don't have any of them... I have a few of their lighter shades and then vampy ones

  2. Do you want to link to each other on ours blogs? We are on the same day of this challenge! :)

  3. Good idea - I'll edit this post and update it with blog links from you and other ladies :)


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